As of September 1, 2014; Odyssey Kayaking Ltd. has ceased to do "kayak rentals". It has been

a fun 20 yr. hobby while enjoying the many friendships that developed over these years and

continue beyond the kayaking. I hope to have time for some of my own personal kayaking and


Odyssey Kayaking of Port Hardy British Columbia, operating as the "North Island Dive and Kayak Center" welcomes you to explore one of the most sustainable Dive & Kayak regions of beautiful Northern Vancouver Island.

Sea kayaking in Port Hardy, British ColumbiaNorthern Vancouver Island, the home of Orca and Killer whales, and famed Cape Scott and the North Coast Trail; present untamed wildlife at almost every turn, whether above the waves or below.

Kayak around Queen Charlotte Strait; or go for a day trip to Stories Beach in Beaver Harbour; a morning's dive to "Browning Wall", or a short trip out to "Five Fathom Rock" for a Ling Cod count.  The choice is yours, you can plan for a dive charter tomorrow, or a day trip kayaking out to the Masterman Islands while exploring tidal pools along the way.

Our motto, "Sharing the Waves" has been foremost from our start in our promotion of sustainable Northern Vancouver Island adventures. We strive to present the opportunity for the safe enjoyment of sustainable sea kayaking and Ocean Diving, while acquainting you with friendly Northern Vancouver Island culture.

Our use of the word sustainable reflects our desire to encourage kayaking and diving in an ecologically sensitive manner by being responsible stewards of our environment; thereby preserving it for future generations. To promote a sustainable environment we subscribe to "minimum impact standards" by taking nothing but pictures and leaving nothing but footprints.

Clearing kelp from the leg after the diveOur logo as depicted by the penguin looking sea bird is Pat's rendition of a once overlooked bird known as the "Marbled Murrelet. " This bird oft shares the habitat with divers & kayakers. It dips below the waves in search of food, and skims the surface of the water for long distances while making its way inland to rest and feed its young.

Kayakers and divers visiting Northern Vancouver Island, can experience a lifetime of discoveries in all areas out of Port Hardy. Travel by Ferry, "water-taxi", or kayak north to Bella Bella and visit the Hakai, the Great Bear Rainforest or the Cape Caution area, a natural hangout for the gray and humpback whales.

Thanks for visiting us, and we do hope you come to Northern Vancouver Island, BC, so that we can share with you our unique sustainable outdoors adventures.
Pat & Jackie Kervin  |  North Island Dive & Kayak Center