Pros and Cons of Installing Drywall 

Drywalls, which is also recognized as wallboards, gypsum boards, and plasterboards, is gypsum plaster that is craned between thick papers, utilized on walls and ceilings. It doesn’t matter if you are having your house renovated or built, one of the things you have to think about is what materials you need to utilize for your ceiling and walls. Most of the time, drywall is used by homeowners. To further walk you through this decision, here are the major pros and cons of using drywall in your house. 


If you take into consideration using drywall as a material for your home renovation or home construction, you’ll potentially experience the following advantages.  

  • Easy to cut – in the event it’s required to cut the sheet to match the space on the ceiling or wall, or you want to achieve a particular size for replacement or repair, you can easily cut drywall.  
  • Easy to install – the issue with lath and plaster is that they are usually time-consuming to mount. Moreover, they are extremely complicated, hence, precision and extra care are required for you to achieve the best result. In fact, most drywall contractors NJ can vouch that drywall is quicker and easier to install. Because of that, it helps the renovation or construction to be efficiently completed. 
  • Easily available – Drywall can easily be purchased and accessed in the market. When you want to change a sheet or panel, it would not be that hard to look for a replacement that would fit your current panels. Apart from that, removing paint can be done easily if ever you’re planning to repaint it. You can use several eco-friendly ways, such as scraping and sandblasting. 
  • Cost-effective – The price of drywall is among the reasons why this material is a widely used option for a lot of homeowners. Drywall is a cost-effective material that you can use in building homes. Hence, if you’re one of those people who are searching for effective ways to save from their expenses, you will truly appreciate drywall.  


Similar to any other type of material, drywall has its fair share of disadvantages as well. Some of them include the following: 

  • Difficult to recycle – If you value the importance of recycling, you need to be aware that drywalls are quite difficult to recycle, and most of the time, they end up being disposed on landfills.  
  • Not as durable – Drywalls, particularly those utilized in areas with extreme traffic, may not be as durable. Bumping and hitting on them may result in damage. When you wish to get a sturdier material, then you can resort to using abuse-resistant plasterboards since it can endure impacts better. 
  • Susceptible to water damage – Drywalls can simply be damaged by water, particularly when they are near to areas of our house like washrooms, bathrooms, and sinks.  

Now that you already know the pros and cons, you need to decide if you want to use it. Once you decide to opt for it, make sure to trust the drywall experts to install it.