You might not clean up after your dog right away whenever you let him/her out into the backyard to do its business. However, you’re expected to clean up after your dog if you’re taking him/her out in a public place. Unluckily, a lot of pet owners ignore this common courteousness. They don’t know that dog poop can actually cause a couple of severe issues.

Today, we are going to talk about why you should pick up after your dog. However, if you don’t want to do it yourself, you can always hire a pooper Scooper Service.

Increase in Rat Population

Rodents prefer to eat dog poop. This is particularly true for rats. In urban places, it is sometimes their main food. It might be because there are a lot of pet waste lying around if you’ve got a rodent or rat issue where you live. Also, you shouldn’t expect things will get better on their own. Rodents will only multiply as long as there is a lot of food available.

Avoid Stool Eating

At some point, a lot of dogs will eat their own stool or. They might even eat the stool of another dog. However, we all know that dog poop can carry hazardous bacteria. Thus, it isn’t safe to allow your dog to eat poop. You can protect your dog as well as the others if you clean up after him/her as fast as you can.

Odor Reduction and Cleanliness

You might find that your lawn becomes less useful if you allow your dog to have free reign of your lawn at your property. The reason for this is that you do not want to risk stepping in dog stool. This can also be applied in public areas. You are limiting the ability of other people to enjoy the place if you don’t clean up after your pet. Aside from general cleanliness problems, it can also lead to foul smells if you fail to clean up after your dog. It can attract pests and flies to the area. You might think about using lime to lower odors in your lawn at your property.

It’s the Law

Though there aren’t any predominant federal law needing dog owners to pick up after their dogs, a lot of suburban and urban locations have passed such regulation. In particular places, you might see signs requiring you to clean up after your dog together with a contact number to call to report violations. A lot of dog parks have even started to offer waste disposal bags to promote people to pick up after their dogs.

Common Courtesy

You can understand a couple of practical reasons why you should clean up after your dog if you’ve stepped in a dog poop once. For public places like dog parks and playgrounds, it’s common courtesy for you to clean up after your pet. This will allow other people to enjoy public place. Also, this can be applied to places around your house. It will be rude for your visitors to invite them on your lawn full of dog poop.